Heaven is a place on earth

Well the headline of this article ,say it all.Heaven is a place on earth and specifically in Kythira,Greece.

Now that July and August are reality and we all plan our vacation ,i couldn’t not write an article about the most beautiful summer destination in Greece.

Kythira belongs to ”eptanisa” and according to Greek mythology it was the island of love goddess Ourania ,Aphrodite.

I don’t have much to say about this little heaven ,except that Blue lagoon is nothing in front of Kythira’s beaches .Mind can only dream what eyes can see.

Our French riviera in Avlemonas

300px-Avlemonas,_Kythira avlemonas

Xytra is one of the hidden treasures of Kythira.

kythira_bg xytra

Kalami beach is for tough travelers ,since you have to climb on a rope to go down the beach.


Kaladi,has 100 steps to to walk before facing such beauty.


Waterfalls in Mylopotamos are something you simply can’t miss.


And last but not least ,the pool….You have to bring your sneakers in order to reach this natural heaven.A lotĀ of climbing and hiking will reward you with the best way you can imagine.


Arriving at those beaches won’t be a piece of cake but it would definitely worth your time and effort!


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